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Bamboo Furniture-Making Training
We have experienced trainer team who delivers various trainings on bamboo furniture making in both the domestic ( Bali , Lombok , Central Java , Aceh , Kalimantan , Central Sulawesi , North Sulawesi , Riau , West Sumatra , West Java ) and abroad ( Malaysia , Papua New Guinea , Thailand , the Philippines , Timor Leste) 
Goal:To provide technical skill on bamboo furniture making)
Target:At the end of training participant will be able to produce several types of bamboo furniture
 Output: Several basic type of bamboo furniture produced by participants during training (depends on the length/duration of training)
Number of Participants: Minimum number of participants on each training is 3 person, with 1 trainer and 1 facilitator. Ideal ratio trainer : participant is 1:5. One trainer will be effective in training 5 participants
  • Bamboo Knife
  • Bamboo Chisel
  • Sharpening
  • Hand Saw
  • Hammer
  • Wooden Hammer
  • Meter Scale
  • Pencil
  • Note book
  • Brush and bucket
  • Bamboo pole in mix diameter from 4-9 cm (bigger diameter to produce sofa)
  • Rattan or synthetic rope
  • Yellow glue
  • White glue
  • Small nail
  • Wooden dowel if necessary
  • Natural resin
  • Gasoline
Training Details 
pelatihan furniture
Bamboo Selection:
  • Species, characteristic, utilization on furniture
  •  Basic principle on connection
Pengenalan alat / Introduction to tools
  • Sharpening and maintaining tools
  • How to use the tools)
Practice on bamboo furniture making
  • Creating hole using bamboo knife and chisel, using untreated bamboo.
  • Preparing bamboo split
  • Creating bamboo sofa frame type - A
  • Creating bamboo sofa frame type - B
  • Creating of bamboo dining set
  • Lazy/beach chair frame.
  • Long sofa frame
  • Big sofa with bigger diameter bamboo.
Filling the hole.
  • Filling the hollow part with soft wood/bamboo.
  • Rattan weave.
  • Material for finishing
  • Mixture of finishing materials
Maintenance and storage of bamboo furniture.
 Tips on how to choos good bamboo pole for furniture.
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