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How to store bamboo poles

cara penyimpanan
Preserved bamboo poles should be dried and stored properly to maintain its durability and avoid fungus investation. The following is  how you should store your bamboo.
Treated bamboo should be stored horizontally in a warehouse or a place protected from water and solar heat directly.
Storage or warehouse must have good ventilation and  air circulation to avoid excess moisture that can cause mold on bamboo.
Bamboo should not be in direct contact with the ground or cement floor, and must be raised from the bottom floor at least 30 cm to ensure air circulation below.
Maximum height of each stack is 30 cm, if you stack more than that, then you must place some wood or bamboo pile in between for air circulation.
If received bamboo is too wet after the soaking process they should be stored vertically for 2-3 days before it is stored horizontally, the aim is that the excess  water inside the bamboo could be dried perfectly so that the drying process be faster. 
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