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Bamboo Construction Training
pelatihan konstruksi
Since 2002 our traianing team have provided various construction trainings in Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Central Java, Aceh, Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Riau, West Sumatra, West Java) and abroad (Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, the Philippines, Timor Leste).
Training Objective: To provide technical skills in the field of bamboo construction.
Target: At the end of the training participants will be able to construch a common simple bamboo building as well as knowing bamboo connection system and technique of floors installation, walls and roof.
Output: Simple or complex bamboo structure (depending on training duration) were completed by the participants at the end of the training.
Number of participants: Minimum number of participants for this training is five (5) participants, with one senior trainer, as well as a facilitator. For training with more than 30 participants can be handled by two trainers and 2 assistant trainer, plus a facilitator.
  • Special bamboo knife
  • Special bamboo chisel
  • Tool sharpening stone 
  • Hand saw
  • Manual or electric drill 
  • Grindstone and Electric Grinder.
  • Meter Scale
  • Hammer
  • Wooden Hammer
  • Pencils
  • Brush and Bucket
  • Note book.
Required materials:
  • Bamboo pole in different dimeter and length (diameter from 4 cm – 20 cm)
  • Natural rope, bolt and moor.
  • Different size of nail.
  • Natural resin for finising.
  • Gasoline or Thiner.
Additional and optional for Base, Roof, Floor and Partition wall:
Foundation Base  :
  • Concrete base
  • Natural stone base
  • Wooden base.
Roofing Option:
  • Natural Roofing: Grass, Ijuk or Nypa Leaf/Rumbia
  • Bitumine
  • Rooftile 
Pilihan Lantai 
  • Lantai bambu belah 
  • Lantai kayu/kelapa 
  • Lantai cor semen 
  • Keramik (semi permenen) .
Partition Wall:
  • Bamboo weave partition.
  • Bamboo Crushed Partition
Construction Training Details 
pelatihan bangunan
Bamboo Selection:
  1. Bamboo species, characterisic and utilization as building materials.
  2. Basic principle on bamboo connection for buildings.
  3. Combination of bamboo design and treated materil to create a long lasting bamboo buildings 
Introduction to bamboo tools:
  1. Tools sharpening.
  2. Tools maintenance.
  3. How to use tools. 
Practice on Bamboo Frame Structure Development:
  1. Practice on creating bamboo connection hole, using untreated bamboo pole.
  2. Creation of simple gazebo structure.
  3. Creation of bigger structure, more than 4 sqm.
  4. Roofing instalation and technical specification and application.
  5. Ijuk rope and bolt conncection application.
  6. Bamboo trust and frame system for buildings.
Instalation of bamboo weaving, panel or crushed bamboo pole for plafond and partition wall.
Instalation of bamboo split, wooden plank or coconut plank for flooring.
  1. Materials for coating (resin of varnish)
  2. Mixture of coating materials.
  3. Application of coating materials on bamboo surface.
Bamboo Building Structure Maintenance.
 Tips on how to chose good bamboo pole for buildings. 
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