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Bamboo Buildings
Due to its flexibility and strength, bamboo structures are also earthquake resistant. Although, in the past, bamboo tensile strength has not been matched with a strong connection technique. To solve this problem, Sahabat Bamboo has been working with civil engineers and architects community in order to find the solution. We've tested many connection technique both in the laboratory and on the real buildings. Various school buildings, houses, gazebos and sheds have been erected.
Combination of strength materials, architects foresight, and the efficacy of preservatives have produce a robust and flexible construction, earthquake-resistant, beautiful and durable. Sahabat Bamboo is ready to serve you who want quality bamboo buildings, both small and large scale.
The main key for a long lasting and durable bamboo structure is a combination of preservation and design of the building itself. Preserving bamboo protect the building from the biological enemy such as powder beetles, termites and fungi. While the design it self must also be friendly with bamboo physical properties, means it should be able to protect it from moisture, rain and the sun's heat.
Common bamboo species used for building materials in Indonesia are :
  • Petung / betung ( Dendrocalamus asper ). This species grows in almost all big islands in Indonesia. It has thick wall and sturdy, with diameters up to 20 cm. Petung grows up to 25 meters long. Widely used for building material such as main column, as well as split bamboo for roof support. There are two types of petung petung green and black .
  • Black bamboo or bamboo wulung ( Gigantochloa atroviolacea ). Mainly grown in Java and Sumatra . This bamboo species dimeter can reach up to 14 cm and a height of over 20 meters. Widely used as a building material and bamboo furniture because it is relatively more resistant to pests .
  • Apus bamboo ( Gigantochloa apus ). This species is widely used as roof support component and walls of building. A diameter of between 4 to 8 cm . Also very suitable for furniture and handicrafts .
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