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Bamboo Preservation Training
pengawetan bambu
Sahabat Bambu provides bamboo preservation training, with a variety of treatment methods that fit and suit your needs. Training includes the selection of bamboo and harvesting, preparation of preservation, mixing preservative.
There are many different techniques for curing and treating bamboo culms in order to prevent splitting, insect infection and fungal growth.  In this program Sahabat Bambu utilizing the Vertical Soak Diffusion (VSD) method that uses environmentally safe borate salts as preservatives.,  The VSD system works well with small-to medium plantation situations, and community development work in rural villages. 
GoalTo give/provide technical skill on bamboo preservation technic and methods.
Target: At the end of training, participants will be able and understand process and material used on bamboo preservation practices.
OutputTreated bamboo pole produce by participants during the training.
Participants : Minimum number of participants is 5 person, with 1 trainer and 1 facilitator. For training with 30 participants, requried trainer is 2 person with 2 assistant trainer and 1 facilitator. 
  • Metal Barrel and water tank.
  • Metal bar to brake internode.
  • Machette
  • Sharpening stone
  • Hand Saw
  • Hand or electric drill
  • Meter Scale
  • Pencils
  • Note book.
  • Burlap
  • Sand
  • Electric water pump
  • Hose
Required materials:
  • Freshly cut bamboo pole in different dimeter and length (diameter from 4 cm – 20 cm)
  • Borax Pentahydrate and Boric Acid
  • Water to wash bamboo pole and to mix boron solutions.
Training Details
pencucian bambu
About Bamboo
  1. Phisical properties and anatomy bamboo
  2. Bamboo enemies: natural and biological.
  3. Bamboo treatment method, traditional and chemical.
  4. Bamboo Selection
  5. Cleaning bamboo
  6. Breaking internode
Bamboo Treatment Chemical:
  1. About treatment chemical.
  2. Types of treatment chemicals.
  3. Methods of bamboo treatments
  4. Handling of treatment chemical, storage and safety.
  5. Mixture of borax-boric acid as bamboo treatment solutions.
Bamboo treatment process using VSD method.
  1. Filling up bamboo with boron solution.
  2. Drying bamboo from excess chemical.
  3. Bamboo storage
 Tips on bambu treatment and storage bamboo treatment method, boron absorbtion, discussion.
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