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Common Question About Bamboo

Why bamboo should be preserved? Bamboo naturally has a high starch sugar, sugar in the bamboo rod is the food of the beetle larvae powder (eg type of beetle larvae Dinodorus minutes). When the bamboo is cut down, the parent beetles lay their eggs around the pieces of bamboo, which would later become larvae. These larvae eat bamboo and bamboo produce manure in the form of powder.
What preservative is used by Sahabat Bamboo to preserve bamboo poles? Sahabat Bamboo using borate salt solution, which is a mixture of sodium pentaborate or borax pentahydrat / decahydrate and boric acid.
Are preservatives are safe and environmentally friendly? The compound is a preservative borates wood and bamboo are the most widely recommended and accepted by various industries, in various countries. Security borates as a wood preservative has been recognized by various studies (please search by keyword borates in google for more info on this material). Boron is also safe for the environment, because borates may continue to be used repeatedly, and does not need to be disposed, .
How does preservative protects the poles? Boron compound seep into the bamboo tissue during soaking process. Borates acts as a stomach poison, beetle larvae will die when consuming powdered bamboo stems that have been preserved with boron.
What is the difference between boron with  pesticides? Most pesticides circulating in the market is a contact poison. Powder beetle in direct contact with the poison will die. While we know that the main enemy is the bamboo larvae hidden in a bamboo rod. In many experiments, preservation with a contact poison ineffective for bamboo. This is because a contact poison is designed to quickly evaporate after application, otherwise it will be harmful to humans and the environment. So the nature of the contact poisons only a temporary solution and instantly, not for the long term.
How long bamboo preserved with borates will last? Bamboo if not preserved will begin developing powder in a matter of months, and it will get worse over time. Generally bamboo without preservation will only survive within a maximum of three years. In fact there are already destroyed within 1 year! Preserving with borates can create durable bamboo against powder beetles and termites for decades. Based on research, borates can survive in bamboo stems  more than 50 years.
What are the disadvantages to using borates preservation? Borates preservation is water-based materials, so bamboo is preserved with borates are not recommended for outdoor applications that directly exposed to rain without protection. As it is water based, if exposed to rain continuously over time boron compound inside bamboo will dissolve and this could reduce its effectiveness against powder post beetle. So it is advisable in such a way to use bamboo designed to protect building materials from direct rain water.
Is preserved bamboo with borates more expensive? Bamboo  preserved with borates are more expensive because there are additional costs in the form of preservatives and labor. However, investment in the form of the material preserved is comparable to the age of disposable bamboo. So if you want your gazebo, furniture, stalls, cafe, restaurant, home or cottage  standing strong for a long time, treated bamboo is the solution.  Additionally preserved bamboo also look better (no dust), and healthier since it does not produce powder that can cause respiratory problems.
Are Sahabat Bamboo poles has warranty? Yes, we provide a replacement warranty for five years! If bamboo you buy from us attacked the beetle powder during that time, then we will replace the poles. 
What bamboo species sold by Sahabat Bamboo? We sell and preserved several bamboo species. The most common species are: 1) Bambu Apus (Gigantochloa lear) between 5-9 cm diameter, 2) black bamboo or bamboo wulung (Gigantochloa atroviolacea) between 6-10 cm in diameter, 3) petung Bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper) diameter between 12-18 cm and, 4) Tiger Bamboo (Bambusa maculate), with diameter between 5-9 cm.
What is the average length of the pole? The length of bamboo that we preserved is generally 6 meters (recommended for easier handling and transportation), we could treat poles with maximum length of 9 meters with a special request.
How long does it take by Sahabat Bamboo to deliver treated bamboo? Treatment process takes between 4-8 weeks. The details are as follows: 1-2 weeks harvest bamboo, preserving, pickling process takes another 2 weeks, Seasoning for at least 4 weeks.
What is your production capacity? Could serve large orders? We treat between 2000 and 4000 poles each month, depending on the size of the diameter. 


Common Question About Bamboo Structure

What is the price per square meter of bamboo house? The price of using bamboo structure using treated bamboo is between $100 to $200 per square meter. Depending on the specifications of the material, and the complexity of the design and workmanship .
Is it possible to build outside of Yogyakarta and Central Java? Minimum size of building is 64m square , this is due to the limited staff and resources that we have as well as the ease of mobilization of workers and equipment .
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