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Product Guaranty

We guarantee the durability of bamboo that we sell with the terms and conditions as follows:
  • Replacement warranty if the bamboo attacked by powdered post beetle and termite. Length of warranty period is 3 years since bamboo is deliverd.
  • Transport costs is not included in waranty.
  • Bamboo will be replace with same type, species, and diameter.
  • Warranty is void due to mishandling or left exposed to the hot sun for a long time. Or because the fungus appears white / black from bamboo wet, high humidity and poor air circulation in the location where the bamboo is stored after delivered.
  • Buyer must provide proof that the bamboo is investated bay powder beetle (photo and sent samples of the bamboo if necessary)
The warranty does not apply to:
  • Bamboo is being used outdoors and exposed directly to rain and direct sun.
  • Bamboo pole with fungus because it was not properly dried and stored by buyer. 
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