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Bamboo Treatment
proses pengawetan
Bamboo development has always been hampered by the resistance of the material. Many prefers not to use bamboo as it is widely known as quickly-broken-wood when eaten by beetles powder. Sahabat Bamboo present to address this issue with treated bamboo products. We preserve bamboo with Vertical Soak Diffusion (VSD) using boron solution which was proven in extending the life of bamboo for decades.
Sahabat Bamboo has two treatment facilities in Yogyakarta with total production capacity of up to 4,000 poles per month. To ensure customer satisfaction, we continue to conduct research and development of preservation methods, in order to get the most efficient way, inexpensive and environmentally friendly  end products. Sahabat Bamboo has more than 8 years experience with Vertical Soak Diffusion (VSD) The initial VSD system originally developed by EBF Bali. VSD method proven to be effective to protect the bamboo from the beetle infestation and termite powder.
Treatment process
Why bamboo should be preserved? Bamboo is an organic material. In the tropical climate with high humidity like Indonesia, without preservation, bamboo could only last for less than three years. Unlike most other hardwoods, bamboo has higher sugar content which is food for powder-post beetles and other drilling insects. Bamboo biological damage may reduce the aesthetic value, its phisycal strength and usability. The powder that was produced by this beetle and termite could cause health problems. Meanwhile structural damage of bamboo component such as cracks, splits could cause structure failure and collapse the buildings. Preserving bamboo become more important when the bamboo used for bigger building structure as it relates to safety.
Building a bamboo structure or interior component should consider the use of treated poles. Some benefits and purposes of preservation are: 1) Extending the life of the components of bamboo, 2) prevent damage, 3) Maintaining the strength and stability of the building, 4) improve the aesthetic value and, 5) Provide added value such as more resistant to fire (based on research, bamboo preserved with borates have a level of "fire retardant" higher than those not preserved.
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